Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Introduction and list of Topics.

Welcome to my little meanderment of thought. You can call me Hann. There are a few things I've been thinking about recently, and most of these boil down to thinking about thinking. I'm a amateur philosopher, and for a long time I've analysed thought processes, mostly of my own because they're freely available.

I call this blog metathought, because it's thinking about thinking. Terry Prachett would call it second thoughts, and his Tiffany Aching books were useful to me in showing that other people did analyse their thoughts.

Some people would call me a sceptic. This is because I think the scientific method is very useful. I wouldn't call myself a sceptic, mostly because different people use it in different ways. Others would say I couldn't be one, because I will happily use the word belief in reference to myself.

I'm agnostic in my religious belief, which I use to mean I haven't a clue whether a deity exists.

My Beliefs:

If quantum theory is determinate, humans cannot have free will.
If quantum theory is determinate, the universe is predestined, but prediction is impossible.
Whether or not either of the above are true, there may be a deity. It will be a lot easier for a deity to do it's deity-ly duty if quantum theory is determinate.
If life exists on other planets, it would not bother communicating with us.
Superstition is rational.
Belief in a deity is rational.
Whether or not climate change is due to human activity, human activity will have to be curbed to reduce any effects.
Oriental year-based astrological signs have use in everyday life.
Any system of belief is as valid as any other, until it starts charging you.

I'll turn those into links once I've written the articles. If there's anything on that list you'd like to see first, do say!